Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Starting a Mobile Dating Site

The mobile market is a rapidly growing industry with billions of subscribers worldwide using smartphones to access the internet, social media etc. and according to idc.com, the number of mobile subscribers it is going to double between the years 2014-2018, this due to new technologies applied to smartphones, phablets and tablets. It is estimated that 95.9% of the global mobile subscribers have access to the internet and use their phone to browse online.
Based on these reports and growth forecasts it is a good time to start your own mobile dating site, target mobile users worldwide and become a part of these rapidly growing and profitable industries,  whether it is the mobile market or the dating market.

How and where to start your own mobile dating site?

Starting your own mobile dating site can be both easy and hard, depending on your knowledge, experience and which dating niche you're planning to service. Generally speaking, you have three choices in building your mobile dating site:
1. If you are a web developer (or if you hire one), you can build your dating site/app from scratch. This may be a time consuming task but this way you can integrate custom features to your site or come up with new features that will attract people to sign up and keep using your service.
2. You can buy a mobile dating script and host it on your server.
3. Join a white label dating platform and get started at no time. (You can read more on the steps to create your dating site here.)

If you're looking for ways to join the dating industry fast and eliminate some obstacles like: management, server hosting fees, customer disputes, chargebacks, errors etc. and concentrate on what's more important (which is conversions) I would suggest you start your mobile dating site with option 3. By this, I don't mean that all other options do not work, instead all choices work well but the first two require a good amount of time and money, and than more money on marketing, while option 3 greatly reduces the time and cost to run your dating site.

Which ever choice you go with, the mobile dating market is growing fast and is very profitable.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

SEO Practices for your Dating Website

Hello readers! If you still haven't created your own dating website click here to get started. For all of you who have already created your dating websites and are looking for ways to increase your search engine ranking positions, this article will give you some knowledge on the best SEO practices and how to apply them on your websites to benefit from organic traffic.

Experienced, even new webmasters know that Search Engine Optimization especially SERP is a long process which requires a good amount of time and effort but it is also a very rewarding process for your dating websites, speaking in a long term.

A good starting point in optimizing your dating site is your website's design structure, starting from your site's meta headers content: Title, Description, Keywords etc.
Use your site's title tags effectively, be descriptive and remember to use unique content for every single page. Include your most important keywords on your title tags for which you want to rank and avoid duplicate tags for other pages. Keep in mind when doing SEO that you're building your dating website for human beings, visitors and not for search engine robots so avoid keyword stuffing and other related practices.

Site Content: Write easy-to-read text that is easy to read and to follow, keep in mind to include your main keywords. Avoid bad grammar and spelling mistakes or any PLR articles most of which are generic and poor quality.

alt="xxxx" Use properly the anchor texts, image attributes and headings (h1,h2,h3 etc).
Anchor texts: This is clickable text that links either to an internal page that is relevant to the text, or to an external site. The better the anchor text, the easier it is for users to navigate and for the search engines to understand what the page being linked to is about.
Img Alt: Always use, example , for the source filename of your images; this helps search engines read the description of your image. Do not use keywords, only a brief descriptive and relevant text about that image.

Headings: These are used to structure content of your dating website for your visitors and search engines. There are six heading used,
h1 ...to...h6 h1 representing your most important content. After you've reviewed your website's structure, updated your meta tags and created unique content, remember to include and use a robots.txt file on your site's directory which tells search engine robots what pages to index and crawl and which to avoid. Also create a sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, for a faster crawl access of your pages by search engine robots.

In-site, internal site SEO is the starting point for search engine optimization; after this is complete we will talk about the ways to build backlinks and some useful external SEO tools. Until than, stay tuned and subscribe. Click to Create your Own Dating Site.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Searching for Dating Domains

Looking to create a dating website but haven't decided what domain name to use? How to find a good dating domain, where to find it, etc etc ?
- Here I'll share some information on where and how to look for dating domains whether it is for a general dating site or a specific niche.
- Before starting to look for a dating domain name, first thing you'll need to set up a budget, in other words, decide how much you're willing to pay for a domain and create a picture on how far you want your site to go etc. I'm writing this because most of the good one-word or two-word dating domains, whether they are keyword rich names or brand names, are already registered, and most of them are selling for big $$$.
- Where to look up for premium dating domains?
1.Well, the first site that comes to my mind, and I think most of you know it, is Sedo.com
They have thousands of premium dating domains for sale at a specific price or by submitting an offer.
2.Another website/blog to consider, if you have a big budget, is OnlinePersonalsWatch, here you can find premium dating domains, established brands and domains + websites. Many popular dating website have been announced for sale on this site.
 - Expiring/Deleted Domains
Another way to look up for a dating domain would be by searching for domains that are about to expire from major domain registrars or those already deleted. A good source to search all this is a free site, ExpiredDomains.net, here you can search by keywords, extension, pr, status etc etc. Very useful if you're looking for keyword names at good prices.

If you already got your dating domain and you're ready to start up your dating site, go ahead and Get your Own Dating Site to start making money and grow your business and brand.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to promote your dating site

Hello readers ( if any still subscribed ;) ). It's been awhile since my last post here and after a long and a busy time here I come back again with tips, tricks and suggestions for your dating websites. Today, as promised, i'm going to write on "How to promote your dating site". If you haven't started a dating site yet and would like to create one, follow this link to start with your own dating website. For new readers I would like to point out that this is a white label dating solution or private label co-brand with a large database of active users, a full set of ready-made dating templates, fully customizable, so all you need is a good dating domain and bring costumers to convert so you can earn commissions and make money at the same time. Visit the link above for more information.

- Alright, so the question is: How to promote your Dating website?
The reason to promote or advertise your dating sites is to reach an audience interested in dating online( or a particular dating niche ) so you can provide to them the services you're offering and by their end expect them to use these services; All these leads to converts: Visitors to Free members, Free members to Paid members = $$$. Most of the marketing methods require that you set up a budget which you can use towards your advertising campaign. We all know, even from ancient times, that you gotta spend some so you can get more (you gotta plant the seed and water it well ;) for the tree to grow green).
So how can You reach these audience? What ways to use to promote your sites?
1. PPC Advertising
Advertising is the 'key' -they say, and it truly is when trying to promote your dating business and reach the audience desired. One of the best ways to advertise your dating website online is on a pay-per-click network. There are many ppc networks out there but depending on what dating niche you own, I would suggest Google Adwords as the best and the most popular choice. By using a ppc network you get access to many tools, like targeting; by gender, country, age; keyword research tools etc,etc. There are many articles around the internet which explain in depth the use, benefits and features of ppc so you can be ready when starting a ppc campaign for your dating business.
2. Offline Advertising
Advertising offline is a good method if you own a niche dating website( local dating for a city, town or country), but can also be applied in a wider range. This method includes advertising on local newspapers, sending out flyers, outdoor advertising, radio and/or TV ads.
3. Article Marketing
Article marketing has been proven very effective in getting targeted traffic for your dating site and also can help your site get better rankings in SEO point of view. But remember to write good and unique articles; articles that attract readers to read your story and continue by visiting your dating website.
4. Banner Ads and Directories
a) Banner Advertising - This is another way to promote your sites by placing banners (or links) on other dating related sites which include: dating advice sites, blogs etc. Make sure you have nicely and eye-catchy banners; you can get good designed banners by hiring a designer for a low price or use the preset banners that are on the administration panel of your dating site; to get access to those first you have to create your site (if you haven't done it yet follow the link) .
b) Directories - Submitting your sites to dating directories is used mostly for SEO which helps you have a chance for higher rankings on search engines, more organic traffic = more visitors = more members. We will talk more in detail about Search Engine Optimization on our upcoming posts, until then, stay tuned..and subscribe :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

White Label Dating Solution

White label affiliate dating solutions allows affiliates to create their own white label dating sites in minutes and pays its affiliates with commissions up to 90%. Click to get your own white label dating website on the most powerful white label dating solution.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Choosing Your Dating Domain Name

Did you already sign up for your own dating site? If not, get your own dating site here, because the next upcoming posts will be concentrated on how to choose your domain name, and all the tips you need to start promoting your already made dating site.

--Choosing The Right Domain
A good domain name can help you get noticed by search engines, blogs, and the most important, members; cause all you need is traffic and visitors, your dating site will do the rest.
Well, before deciding what domain you should get, first you need to concentrate on how your site will look like, what niche is it going to be (adult, general dating, cupid, lesbian etc.) what audience you're willing to attract, age group and more.
-A keyword domain or a one word domain name
Depending on your niche, you can try getting a keyword domain name which can help you in the rankings on the search engines, with little bit SEO of course ( You'll get some seo tips on the next posts ).So choosing a keyword domain name for example: if you want to get visitors searching for date and chat free, your domain name can be dateandchatfree dot com or dot net etc. You can find this keyword domain names available for $10/year
-One word or 2 domain name.
One word or two dating domain name can be easy to remember for the visitors visiting your site. You want your site to convert, and it can convert with returning visitors, if you have a long domain name you'll get only passers by,so think about getting a short and beautiful domain name; you'll pay $50 dollars more but give them as an investment for your successful business.
Down here I'm going to post some sources where you can search for your domain name.
Well these were some quick tips for today fellows; next to come "How To Promote Your Dating Site" followed by "How To Optimize Your Dating Site and Get Better Rankings".
Stay Tuned...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Show Off Your Dating Site

Have you already created your own dating site?
Get your first backlink from this blog, post a comment and show off your site to other guests here.